Happy Easter!

IMG_5975IMG_5972And we say with believers throughout the world and ages that: “Christ is risen, He is risen indeed!”

I want Hudson to remember his first Easter so I made some hand drawn signs that we can use in our family portrait since we don’t get to go to church during this Covid-19 situation. It’s rare, but it’s a special Easter, as reminded by the two sermons I listened to on this day: “Fear & Faith” by Pastor Steve and the quietness of that first Easter morning when the women went to Jesus’ tomb and found it empty (preached by Rev Luke, my yi zhang). Let us not forget that even though it’s a day for big, loud hurrahs that Jesus is ALIVE!, it’s also a day to remember what Christ has won for us–victory over sin and death so we can have new life. I also told Nick that we will use this Easter as an opportunity for the renewal of our spiritual life/health–to be more in the Word and Prayer. After reading Keller’s book “Prayer”, my April goal is to learn more on how to Praise God. To ponder and meditate on who He is, and learn to praise Him more.

IMG_6066I also played some Easter hymns with Hudson (inspired by Getty Family Hymn Sing & Jin+Johnny) as I want to cultivate this family tradition for him where he can grow up singing and internalising truths. Nick recited the Psalms out loud and Hudson listened to it attentively. Hopefully we can keep this family routine because I want to fill our house with praise and saturate it with God’s Word.

IMG_6018Such a cutie!

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