Week 23 – baby diary

[30 Mar – 5 Apr 2020]

IMG_5734Hudson has grown a lot again! This week I noticed that he can play by himself on the play mat for a considerably long stretch of time, entertaining himself by turning to the toy/object that interests him. And by “interest” I mean, whatever he wants to grab and puts into his mouth to nibble. He can hold up small pillows with both hands while lying on his back and turn the object around. While on his tummy, he can also reach out his hand to grab something in front of him or he would also get up on all fours and then dive with his head to the front in order to “move forward” closer to the object of his interest. Even though he’s started to move his knee while up on crawling position “forward”, he is still mostly going backwards with his “crawling”, hence the diving forward to get to what he wants.


I need to try reading more to him and engage him with more interesting storytelling voices and actions again. When I lie down with him and hold the book up to read together, he can focus better/longer. When I read to him while he sits in my lap, he would just try to get the book into his mouth (so I don’t think he’s engaged with the book’s content). So yup, need to work on reading time with H again.


I’ve been trying to check if he is getting the hand signs and look at his hand for the “milk” sign but I think it’s still too early for him to do that. On the other hand though, he is now able to express more clearly that he wants me with his whine and eye contact to me. I know this because sometimes I would walk by him or go do something else, and he would make himself louder and look at me more intently so I get that he is asking for me.

IMG_5791IMG_5794We are guessing that his teeth/gums are starting to form so he would suck on my shirt sleeve or whatnot when I carry him. My mom reminded me that I need to give him something to hold on to and to nibble so he won’t be so frustrated.

His poo is also changing colour because he’s eating some solid food (still only during brunch time). He also only goes only one time each day now. He also drinks water now.

He also regularly video calls with his great grandma and grandparents. Sometimes he would smile at them (intentional because he’s looking at their faces on the screen and there’s nothing else around at the time that would stimulate him).

IMG_5763 2

His favourite game now is the blanket waving game: he would be lying on the bed and someone would wave a cloth/blanket above him. He would get super excited with all four limbs flailing and he makes this excited breathy sound and giggles excitedly. It’s super cute and funny.

IMG_5725He continues to wake up 4 times per night.

I continue to find his handsome face fascinating and catch myself admiring this beautiful baby God has given us.


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