Week 22 – baby diary

[23-29 Mar 2020]

IMG_5552This week, H is trying to learn the triple things of crawling, babbling, and maybe having his gum coming out. He is such a hard worker who puts his all into what he has not achieved. He would try very hard but since he’s not there yet, he would sometimes cry out/shout. Aww..our little hard worker. Wai gong tells him not to try too hard and take a break. I tell him “good effort” and “keep trying!” #resilience

H likes to eat the pointy/corner parts of things e.g. the ears of totoro, books…and his own fingers (no longer eating his whole fists)


Crawling practice: he can lift his butt up and do the perpendicular knee position for crawling. He might have made one step forward for crawling but end up his head pointing head down.IMG_5643

Oh yes, he has not been sleeping well during the nights, he wakes up more and sometimes would startle with a loud cry suddenly so I have to pat him down. I feel so exhausted but I want to do so many things! Baking, cooking, journaling, organising, etc.

This week, I really got into the mood for baking. Yesterday, N and I went to Tai Yuen to buy some baking ingredients. I was so happy to finally get my hands on those chocolate chips! Hehe..



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