=to create. There’s something powerful, fun, and so innate about this activity. I suppose it’s because we’re made in the image of our Maker. Especially during this time of stay home could-be-boring/isolating days, this is a powerful activity/verb. Obviously, I’ve been very inspired by cakies’ “make” category recently and all the people who have been making things at home due to the stay home policy to #flattenthecurve of the virus spread.

IMG_5600IMG_5601Today, I made these cookies since we have that box of candy cane I bought to make peppermint hot chocolate last December but I found out it didn’t taste as good as I thought it would so we’ve been staring at that box of candy canes on top of the fridge for months now. I don’t have a hand mixer so we used the hand whisk. Thankfully, it worked. I cut out some sugar from the amount the recipe called for and it’s still relatively sweet, but good.


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