Well into 2020

We are well into 2020, the year that looks like it should be something great just because it’s a new decade, and also the “Wawasan 2020” that we had been expecting since childhood schooling era. The sheer symmetry in how the digits look in this year gave the illusion that it should be a great year. Well, at this point, people’s weddings have to be postponed, schools have been in closure, we haven’t been able to go out of the house much, and it’s almost the end of a quarter of the year. It’s easy to feel disheartened about the near future because no one can foresee when the covid-19 situation would get better and when we can go out freely and explore the world again. I’m lucky because at least I have a family to nurture and do life with even at home, plus, I’m naturally a homebody and the month of confinement practice got me confident about my ability to stay indoors for a long time. Of course I wish that we live in a bigger house with a garden (or even a balcony) so we can easily pop out to get some fresh air, but at least we have a big waterfront park close to our house (H is now out with our helper to get some outdoor time; he hadn’t gone out for more than a week again). It’s always the worry of whether we want to let him have fresh air/see the outside world so he won’t become deprived of this social development OR to just keep him safe in this little home of ours to avoid any possible contact with viruses. Well, at this point I’m still sleep deprived (sort of) and muscle-aching from carrying H. However, last night, he did sleep through most of it and only woke up at 5am? (but I still feel tired though, perhaps made worse with the shoulder soreness).

But anyway, all is well. I get to make dalgona coffee at home, cuddle my sleeping beauty baby, video call my daddy for his birthday–showing him Hudson playing on the mat, have a good lunch (salmon, corn + tofu soup, ginger stir-fry veggies and rice), video call mom earlier in the morning to check on how her 14-day quarantine is going at home in Kuching (she’s knitting, has another section of her desk dedicated for Bible study, and has papaya to eat), and I will choose H’s photos of the past week for my blog post.

What I wrote down during Sunday service (CCHK):

“In this chapter, may we hunger for You, Lord.”

What are the broken places in your life, in your heart that needs the healing  of God? 

(family, my selfishness in all these for my husband and son when I feel tired and want my husband to serve me more than I think about his needs)

Links lately:

Happy to see that click* finally updated her blog after her second baby.

Cakies has been a huge inspiration recently with motherhood, home life, dependence on Christ, and creativity/beauty.


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