Week 21 – baby diary

[16-22 Mar 2020]

the week in which Hudson turns 5 months old!


IMG_5371IMG_5387We got him an ingenuity booster seat so now he can practise sitting upright by himself! Great because we don’t need to always carry him for him to have the option of sitting upright to see the things around. He easily feels bored so he would always want to be carried around the house to see things or else he would complain. Looking out the window at the cars downstairs is a regular activity that aunty does with him nowadays. He loves the curtain in our bedroom and if he starts to get angry or whiny at me, I will just hold him to the curtain and he would immediately stop and become very interested in the curtain and try to grab and eat (haha..). Desperate times call for desperate measures (aka breaking my principle of not allowing him to eat things). But to be honest, I am not the strictest since I know babies like to put things into their mouths anyway. I would say I’m strict 80% of the time? Saying “this is not for eating” or “please don’t put this in your mouth, Hudson”

#routine is the buzz word since it’s school closures/home


Smelling mommy’s shirt so he won’t miss me too much when I got to work. Manja-ing with daddy.IMG_5449Part of the 5-month photoshoot.

At the end of this week, H has improved in his crawling/tummy time position. He doesn’t flail around with all four limbs up and only using the tummy as his axis touching the mat. He seems to have better control at lifting his head and turning the head to the direction he wants..


In the mornings around the 830am, 1st nap after waking up, he would have a grumpy time falling asleep, not wanting to drink milk even though sleepy and hungry. Same as the nap time around our dinner time.

This week I finally started using our film camera again. This morning, I took two snaps of H being sweet and cute playing with N & I in bed. #morningslikethis #heartmeltingmoments

Due to the earlier going to bed time, I need to help H change diaper halfway through the night so he won’t get rashes.


I love you, my sweet boy.


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