5 months!

IMG_5499At 5 months, Hudson:

-can support his upper body and head with his two arms while in a crawling position

-complains whenever he doesn’t want to stay in a particular position e.g. sitting, express himself well when he does not want to drink milk (when I lower him to the sleeping position to position for bf, he would cry so I would know he doesn’t want to bf at the moment), or when he wants you to bring him to see/do something more interesting e.g. watching out of the window or go to his favourite curtain/fridge door/cny banner

-has been trying some solid food for brunch (mostly five spoonfuls each time). Foods he has tried so far: banana, potato, rice porridge, avocado

-has big bright eyes that are oh so pretty

-will grab something he’s interested with both hands reaching out, grabbing, then pulling the thing towards himself and into his mouth. This includes books (he will turn the book to the corner or spine to make it more manageable for inserting into his mouth #lol #smartbaby), toys, our arms, shirts, face, hair, his drinking cup, and cloths.

-is very quick with his hands in grabbing onto something

-is still interested in looking at complicated patterns e.g. my pajamas

-has become sensitive to loud noises e.g. vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, helicopter and would be scared by these sounds sometimes

-appreciates music now! (thank God because when he was younger e.g. when he was in my tummy and in the first few months, he didn’t seem to be interested in music). I know he appreciates music now because whenever he is restless, he would still be willing to sit in my lap and play the piano with me, and he doesn’t make the complaining sounds or squirm like a fish out of the water.

-is following more of a bedtime routine/sleeping time of around 8:30pm-9:30pm at night and wake up time of around 6am-7am. He cannot go to sleep by himself so I will still nurse him to sleep and then stay with him at night since I’m tired already anyways and we go to bed together.

-is still too small for the Muji 80cm t-shirt size though he’s definitely wearing some one-year-old sized clothings already

-does not really like to read books as I hoped he would (not yet, probably; he’s more interested in turning the books into food) but this does not deter me from shopping for more books for him (not a lot, just a few when I see good ones).





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