Week 20 – baby diary

[9-15 Mar 2020]

IMG_5287Well well, I’ve been telling people that my baby is four and a half months old but he is actually fast approaching the five-month mark! Whenever people asked me “how’s your baby?”, I’ve responded with “he’s good but doesn’t like to sleep” so people don’t think that life is a bed of roses with a baby. That being said, Hudson is still a wonderful baby. He has his strengths: we don’t have to worry about him not wanting to eat solid food since he’s naturally very interested in eating and he’s growing well (we don’t have to worry about him spitting out excess milk or not getting enough breast milk).

IMG_5312One of the first foods he tried: mashed potato + banana. His first ever fruit was apple (we let him suck the juice a bit) and clear rice porridge water.

He’s also curious and energetic.IMG_5310IMG_5298IMG_5302IMG_5305IMG_5308He has gotten so good at grabbing things. He can hold onto his banana and lion teethers by himself now (with occasional drops).


He would make a lot of “emmh” sounds when he’s sleepy and trying to sleep when we carry him. H would also express clearly his discontent/boredom if we are holding him while sitting down and he’s getting bored. That’s how I confirmed that he now enjoys music because he would not make the complaining sounds when I hold him in my lap and play piano for considerable chunks of time. Thank God for that! It’s an activity that we can do together when I’m tired of him trying to “gulut” out of my arms and when he can enjoy watching my fingers move on the keyboard and not feel bored. #winwin

IMG_5332#sleeptraining has also waned down to me trying to time his bf time to around the time we bring him into the room for sleep (8:30pm) so I will nurse him to sleep.

I still enjoy the moments when H sleeps quietly on me the best.

He is good at turning to his back/the side and holding on to things like this:IMG_5354His feet are always busy, curling up, crunching against each other. He enjoys playing with his daddy e.g. doing silly fun things like this #besttimeswithdadIMG_5367

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