Motherhood (the beginning of it…)

I’m finally beginning to embrace the fun that comes with motherhood. Not that it wasn’t fun before, but it’s my change of attitude and light bulb moment. I still don’t change his diaper perfectly, much less know his cues half the time for what he needs at the moment (sleepy? more milk? want to play? gassy?)

Anyway, I’ve learned to embrace the “oh, he poo-ed again” and “yikes, he spit up some milk+saliva” moments instead of seeing them as disasters or interruptions to our lives. I’ve learned to accept these “interruptions” as a normal part of our daily routine. Also, do not expect to have long stretches of “me time” because he would easily wake up from his naps so yea, God is pruning me of my selfishness and rearranging my concept of what belongs to me i.e. time and sleep. I still get angry sometimes when I am deprived of my sleep/given the privilege to breastfeed and spend time with my baby (see? It’s how you view it that makes it a negative or positive experience).

I was reading Cakies blog on the ipad this morning while holding Hudson in my arms for his nap and reading about motherhood from her perspective of having older children puts my sense of motherhood now in perspective–I’m still at the nap/routine baby stage of it, but this will pass too. It’s normal to not have much time as a mom now for my hobbies or other things so don’t expect too much on productivity. Our dependence and need for Christ as a mother doesn’t change though. So it’s been a good read through pages and pages of her blog.

Today is one of the warmest days yet this year and I made an iced latte to sip on in the afternoon. Ok, back to my baby who is very into putting things into his mouth and practising his tummy time even though he sounds like he would vomit. Haha.. Rolling over as soon as we put him down on the mat and then growling.


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