Week 17 – baby diary

[17-23 Feb 2020]

IMG_4967IMG_4986IMG_4941Hudson continues to need to sleep with us constantly at night in order to be asleep. If we put him down, he would cry and be awake. Tsk tsk…this sensitive child.

IMG_4907We brought him out for the first time in 3 weeks this morning to the waterfront park (what a blessing it is to have such a big park next to our house!) but he looked bored instead of excited? lol. We try to associate sitting in the stroller with the positive experience of being outdoors so we put him in there and he did sit through the whole walk without fussing too much. I tried to walk in front of him whenever we saw unmasked people walking past to keep him from the danger of virus droplets from human beings.IMG_4934He likes to grab onto things that we bring to his attention with both hands and proceed to bring the thing closer to his face and into his mouth if he gets the chance. haha…books, wooden toy bus, picture from a magazine, my iphone (when video calling with wai po), and even my face, just to name a few. He is definitely in the stage where he explores everything with his mouth.

-typed on 18 February, Tues


Smiley came to visit on Saturday and she observes that H likes music e.g. when we sing Chinese praise songs to him and when I play piano, he would be quiet and not fuss. We let him try sucking on a small piece of apple and he likes it. We know that because once we took away the apple, he cried so loudly. Lol

I am determined to learn how to read H’s cues better and how to take care of my baby instead of relying on our helper (had this moment of decision after failing to calm down my crying baby in the middle of the night when he refused to bf anymore (I couldn’t figure out why he’s crying/angry) so he ended up with our helper, then I felt frustrated because I wanted to be able to make him sleep nicely (partly I was tired that night and just wanted to settle him back to sleep instead of trying my best to understand what’s the matter with him). But to be honest, sometimes it’s really hard to know what he wants when he cries. Is he sleepy and overtired already? Is he still hungry and have a tummy ache or is he already full, so that’s why he refused to continue bf? Anyway, that early morning when I went out to pump, I read up on how to use an aspirator to clear mucus from baby’s nose because previously I just relied on N to know how to do it. Also, things like changing diaper, helping him change clothes, fall asleep etc.



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