Week 16 – Baby diary

[10-16 Feb 2020]

IMG_4791IMG_4788Started off this week with H not sleeping too well at night. He would keep stirring in his sleep, almost waking up even after I’ve put him down after bf so I would try to press him down and help him feel secure by letting him grab my finger too. He would keep using his hand to tug on his own hair/back of his head, or grab his other hand with his one hand. #sleepregression

IMG_4802IMG_4842We are reading to him new books that I bought from ReBooked and he does seem to like the touch and feel book, as he is exploring textures nowadays. We also started using baby sign language after Pam told me the benefits of it. It’s quite fun and we shall see how it goes. We also showed him the toy train Percy to roll it on a book and he’s also interested. Today he also practised rolling over with me on our big bed. Not quite there yet, but he seemed happy after I praised him for his effort.

-typed on 11 Feb 2020


He can roll over now! New skill unlocked on 12th Feb 2020 even though we had been practising with him for a few days now and seeing him trying to work hard. He still couldn’t do it the night before but when I came home from work today, P says she found him kissing the floor. He proceeded to show me his rolling over and getting on his hands and knees like it’s the most natural thing. When I praised him, he let out a big smile and “I’m so proud of myself” face. Aww…it’s the cutest thing.


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I love the subtle little facial expressions he makes… #cutecuteHudson



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