Week 15 – baby diary

[3-9 Feb 2020]

It’s the week that we start going to work again after the CNY holiday, and where HK continues to be in the shadow of the coronavirus. Another stay-home week for Hudson but I was reminded by a conversation with Mic that babies are resilient and adaptable to limitations of their parents and circumstances, so I shouldn’t feel too bad for my baby (although I still do, since H was starting to enjoy seeing things outside and socialising).

This week, he still has trouble bf sometimes, because he would get angry and arch away, twisting his neck backwards and his body so strongly that it’s hard to help him back into nursing position. He also continues to like grabbing different objects and looking at things. We read books to him and I ordered some new books for him because we realise we have gone through most of the books at home.

IMG_4766IMG_4771IMG_4772IMG_4779H’s real hair is starting to grow out (front) and his baby hair in the back are starting to fall off more. He continues to have saliva dripping and steals to eat his fist when he’s bored, hungry or tired. He also wakes up a couple of times per night and sometimes it’s tiring for me to handle because his long legs will get stuck in the blanket when I try to adjust his position. Oh ya, we have moved our mattresses down to the floor so we are all sleeping on floor level now.

IMG_4739Today, I googled activities to do with four-month olds:



Hudson’s current favourite

book: Goodnight, Gorilla

sound to make: grrrhh…ah guuu…


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