Week 14 – baby diary

[27 Jan-2 Feb 2020]

Hudson week 14-25Trying to recall what happened during this week. H has been having some trouble with drinking milk from me and bottle. Sometimes he would get angry and arch his neck and body back so strongly that we cannot help him to move back into feeding position. It’s not like he has gas or something (although sometimes he does), and it usually happens at the beginning of trying to feed him, unlike previously it was halfway through drinking and maybe the milk was spraying/flowing too fast. Not sure why. There was a few days that he only wanted bottle milk, then after I stay home for several days, he did not want bottle milk and P was getting worried because I have to go back to work on Monday (in the end he adjusted to drinking milk bottle again). Another thing that he’s changed is when he’s sleepy after milk, he would keep turning his head left to right back and forth so many times, rubbing his face into my shirt that I’m worried the friction would hurt his delicate face. He doesn’t do the fist shaking much anymore but changed to this head turning motion.

Hudson week 14-20Hudson week 14-40H started leap 4–the world of events. This leap begin between 14 to 17 weeks after due date and start the second phase of this leap 19 weeks after their due date.

1) After this leap, he will be able to perceive a short, familiar series of smooth transitions with all of his sense, including seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting, when it comes to interacting with those around him.

e.g. the perception of a bouncing ball or grasping something with a hand.

*nursery rhymes with gestures e.g. “Itsy Bitsy Spider”

2) Able to grab something without missing. For your baby, grabbing while continuously adjusting his hand is something completely new. Your baby is now able to adjust his hand movement from one smooth transition to another, resulting in him being able to grab something.

*I have noticed that he likes to grab things more lately. He grabs my hair, his own clothing, things around him e.g. cloth, packaging/toy elephant’s ears, etc. He also has successfully taken down my glasses while he’s resisting latching on to me.

not quite here yet this week->3) Your baby explores objects. Your baby will now shake a toy up and down and turn it around to explore it, as well as all the objects that interest him.

Your baby also likes to explore your mouth bc numerous events are going on in there.

4) Seeing events. e.g. Waving your hand. He now understands that making a hand gesture that goes from L to R to L to R can be seen as one movement.

5) Hearing events e.g. a musical scale (Do, Re, Mi) is an easy-to-understand, audible event.

*I played piano for him and he did pay more attention to it for longer and seem to listen/watch more than before.

6) Facial events. When you talk, there are lots of ‘events’ in your face.

*N plays with him more on this aspect so I guess I’ll leave the practice of this activity this to daddy-son bonding time.

Spontaneous events/live events are fun for your baby to see e.g. someone scratch themselves or brush their hair.

*I let him watch aunty do chores and N lets him watch me blow dry my hair, aunty lets him watch N & I eat dinner. Sadly due to the coronavirus threat, H wasn’t able to go outside since the 28th so he can’t go see the birds or flowers or other kids.

Activities to help baby master the skills associated with this leap:

-stimulate baby to roll over by making it a game *we did notice that he tried to roll over a few occasions when he was on the mat but he was grunting and struggling a lot even though he kept trying. We praised him for his good effort. His butt might be too heavy?

-Let your baby play naked occasionally

-Activity centre

-Let him observe sth as long as he wants

-play with the things that attract his attention the most. Music? Talking? *H likes to see things the most

-begin to teach your baby that one has to touch gently in order to not hurt something *yes, I need to teach him not to scratch himself so much or me.

-play games e.g. “where’s your nose?” or “peek-a-boo”, sing songs or make funny faces in the mirror. Aunty does these with him quite often

-happy talk: talk as often as you can to your baby about the things they see, hear, taste, and feel. Talk about the things they do. Keep your sentences short and simple. Emphasize the important words. e.g. “Feel this–grass,” “Daddy’s coming,” “Listen, the doorbell,” or “Open your mouth.”

-bath toys e.g. measuring cups, plastic colanders, plant spray bottles, watering cans, soap boxes

IMG_4645IMG_4646Hudson week 14-42Hudson week 14-35





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