Week 13 – baby diary

[20-26 Jan 2020]

This week, H turned 3 months old & celebrated his first Chinese New Year!

week 13 Hud-129week 13 Hud-130week 13 Hud-134week 13 Hud-184This week was a difficult one. H keeps putting his fists into his mouth and we have to take it out for him every time or put a cloth in front to prevent him from doing that. He also became more agitated whenever he wakes up in the middle of his sleep or when he cannot fall asleep after being put down on the bed. He would move both of his arms over his face or rub his face into our shoulders if we are carrying him turning his head from side to side very 用力 that we worry his face would become red/scratched. He also has more little raised dots/redness on his skin (tummy, neck, and around his mouth) maybe due to Pampers diapers (Merries is still better and cheaper) and his saliva. He has also been refusing to breastfeed after drinking for a bit each time so we would have to give him the bottle. This also throws us off the feeding schedule/routine, which makes it tiring for us too. Also, it was my first week back at work so my body was weakened and got some complications e.g. body aches, blocked ducts, headaches, and worries about the virus that is causing fears around.

week 13 Hud-180week 13 Hud-171

This morning the pastor reminded us that we are not like Egypt (in the Bible times) who rely on their own efforts for their harvest and peace, but we rely on God for His grace and guidance. 如🦅展翅上騰-疲乏的祂賜能力軟弱的祂加力量, 等候耶和華必從新得力

The good improvements: H is getting better at grabbing things now and holding them. He is practising his smooth movements. He tried sitting in a car seat since last night and has been enjoying playing with his friends there instead of lying on the floor mat.

week 13 Hud-186week 13 Hud-189week 13 Hud-190It’s the 2nd day of Chinese New Year today and as I’m typing this now, he is having fun playing with his friend and smiling for a long time, not needing any commentary from me. Wow. And…he fell asleep happily on his own in the car seat.

We went to H’s tai gong and tai ma’s house for CNY day 2 dinner. He was a good boy because he slept at home and on the way there. After sleep, he woke up and had some milk, then went out to meet all the relatives in his grandma’s hands. He gladly greeted tai gong with his excited smiling face, and was calm and happy meeting the other yi-po’s. After that when I carried him into the room for a break and showed him the animals on the calendar, he was speaking so much–making lots of speech noises consecutively–one of the most I’ve heard him speak. He learned fast, eh?

week 13 Hud-199

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