Week 12 – baby diary

[13-19 Jan 2020]IMG_4084IMG_4091Something new for this week! H is finally enjoying going outdoors. Today when we brought him out (I was carrying him), he laughed out loudly 5 times in the lift going down. He is so excited to be heading out! Aunty P showed me his favourite purple flowers and we headed to the post office. He was still nervous a week ago when we brought him out to the waterfront park, but look at him now! (Aunty P has been bringing him out for short bursts of time during noontime this past week to show him the birds, flowers, and neighbourhood friends).


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I also try to read books to/with him more because it’s easy to let this slip through the daily routines if we feel tired or are not intentional enough. I just want him to slowly understand the words and pictures even if he doesn’t seem too interested in the books now. Sometimes I do think he is following though (although I can’t tell because he’s facing the book and I can’t see his face). He’s definitely very into the visual cues now, and enjoying them–the patterns and things he can see outside (that’s why he can enjoy going out now). For the music part, I’m not sure if he is responsive yet but I will continue to expose him to piano playing (I try to practise my scales everyday now) and today I played the orchestral version of Disney music(because Disney songs make us feel happy at home).

-typed on 16 Jan 2020

He still likes to be carried for sleep, and makes loud cough/saliva trouble sounds when we lay him down into the cot (not sure if he’s acting or it’s real!) haha. Besides him getting heavy, we enjoy cuddling with this big baby of ours.


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