Week 11 – baby diary

[6-12 Jan 2020]

Something new this week: H would smile at us when we get home from a day out e.g. when wai po and I went to Sai Kung for a day and came home, he’s so happy to see us. When N came home from work, he would also smile at him. It’s so heartwarming to know that he is finally smiling at us and not just his animal friends.

H’s face is getting chubbier this week! He continues to practise his touching and grabbing skill. Aunty P taught him how to do finger hearts, and it’s the cutest thing ever when he holds out his little hand to give us the heart (not by his own intention of course..haha).

-typed on 8 Jan


H has a lot of saliva that gets trapped in his throat and sometimes he would swallow really hard on the choked saliva. He also likes to hold up and put both his fists/hands together in front of him.

IMG_4022He also knows how to socialise with N’s friends when they came over for Saturday dinner, smiling a lot. We were all smitten by him and his communicative eyes.

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