First time visiting Sai Kung

Sai Kung-13.jpgwith mommy on her second last day in Hong Kong. It’s also our first adventure of the year. She said that if I didn’t bring her out, she would also be contented being home but once we’re out, she really enjoys it too! It’s also nice being able to take more nice photos for her since she mentioned that usually no one would help her take nice pictures and it’s a pity that we’re not together more often. Sai Kung-9Sai Kung-24.jpgSai Kung-26Sai Kung-19.jpg

Sai Kung-12.jpg

Mom said her greatest 收穫 was finding these fresh dried seafood at good prices. She was so happy. She also enjoyed looking at the live seafood being sold on the floating boats a lot.Sai Kung-134Sai Kung-33.jpgSai Kung-40

We had a nice Mediterranean lunch at Zeugma (halloumi salad and chicken doner wrap), walked through the food street and found some nice shops to look at.Sai Kung-48.jpg

Sai Kung-52Sai Kung-53Sai Kung-56Sai Kung-57Sai Kung-58We saw this gigantic dog and this cute little scene of the little boy touching the friendly dog.Sai Kung-65.jpgSai Kung-63.jpgTrying to make mommy an Instagram influencer/blogger.

Sai Kung-71Sai Kung-72The sun came out!Sai Kung-74

The Little Cove Espresso is tucked away in this street

Sai Kung-82Sai Kung-83Walking past the Michelin-starred dim sum seafood place and checking it out low-key.Sai Kung-84PerspectiveSai Kung-85.jpgWe continued on the waterfront…Sai Kung-87Sai Kung-88…and saw people putting up decorations, like those in the cuckoo clocksSai Kung-91Sai Kung-92Sai Kung-94Sai Kung-96Sai Kung-97Seafood street.Sai Kung-98Sai Kung-99Sai Kung-100Sai Kung-101Sai Kung-102Sai Kung-103Sai Kung-104Sai Kung-105Time for a pumping break. Thank God for the nice bf room facility available.Sai Kung-106Sai Kung-107.jpgSai Kung-112Sai Kung-114Sai Kung-115Sai Kung-116Sai Kung-117Sai Kung-119Sai Kung-120Little prince for H, princess for IsabelleSai Kung-121Sai Kung-122Mom was so in love with this cute alpacaSai Kung-123Sai Kung-124Sai Kung-125It was 2pm, so we headed back to the bakery again for afternoon tea, basically making a circle of the town/shops.

Mom got a bit of tummy ache because of heat. We headed to the waterfront to admire the blue and green before taking the bus home.Sai Kung-129Sai Kung-130Sai Kung-132Sai Kung-133Sai Kung-135Sai Kung-136Sai Kung-137Sai Kung-139So happy to be next to the beautiful water and islandsSai Kung-141Sai Kung-144Sai Kung-147Sai Kung-148Sai Kung-150Sai Kung-151Sai Kung-152Sai Kung-155Sai Kung-156Sai Kung-157Sai Kung-158Sai Kung-159Sai Kung-160Sai Kung-161Sai Kung-162Sai Kung-163Sai Kung-165Sai Kung-166Sai Kung-168Sai Kung-169Till next time, Sai Kung.


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