Week 10 – baby diary

[Dec 30 2019 – 5 Jan 2020]


Ah, we’re getting into the new year! This week mommy has been busy trying to wrap up some tasks before the new year/decade e.g. organising/back-uping photos, getting my planners out again, and trying to set our goals straight i.e. prioritising our relationship with God, healthy living (eating and exercising), and improvement plans (e.g. reading, more discipline in learning things, having goals).

Baby H is more communicative now and can play by himself while lying down facing upwards on a mat. He would smile and move his legs a lot.

-typed on 30 Dec 2019.


He likes to eat his left fist (the meaty soft part) lately. Even when we give him a handkerchief to hold onto, he would still lick the handkerchief. He is definitely in love with the smiling white tiger toy that we show him. Every time he sees it, he would smile really happily and even laugh! Also, he really loves looking at patterns nowadays. He would fix his eyes on a certain spot with some high contrast patterns e.g. the sushi we ate for dinner last night, or the typography on the wet tissue packaging, or the pastel flower pattern on a cloth. So fascinating to watch this little one and his fascinations. #happyboy

-typed on 2 Jan 2020.



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