Baby diary – week 8

week 8 [16-22 Dec]week 8 -7.jpgThis week, mommy has been busy preparing for daddy’s birthday celebration, thinking about how to make his birthday celebration special, especially with the addition of H this year. At first I was thinking about where to eat out for his birthday dinner but in the end after consulting him, I realise that the best would be to plan a special home-cooked meal for him so H can be involved (the last time we brought H out for dinner, he cried a lot so we don’t think he’s ready yet) and it would be a special meal too. Thank God for the Japanese cookbook my mom bought from Eslite a while ago which gave me ideas for a Japanese dinner. I even planned out the menu and went to survey the nearby supermarkets, home goods store (to see if there are any nice tablewares), and bakeries/cake shops to find the best cake. So this whole week was spent doing this special project. week 8 -6week 8 -1H has been smiling a lot, especially with his Mickey Mouse friend (haha). He likes to play peek-a-boo with aunty P and likes to look upwards when we carry him and walk around the house and stop at certain spots. He has been drooling (sometimes a straight line would drop down) and sometimes choke on his own saliva and cough. 

I had been suffering from swollen teeth gums for several days this week and it’s finally subsiding. Also, I had blocked milk ducts which was hard and painful yesterday. Got caught in the foggy rain yesterday after shopping for N’s birthday meal part 2 and felt headache and body ache (also due to the lack of sleep the night before feeding H a few times more than usual and having an overactive brain/stress from thinking about the celebration project without having my best half to discuss things with). But, thank God for answering my prayer last night. After a long day of not sleeping much, H finally slept from 12:30-5am this morning! I woke up feeling so refreshed for the first time in a while and my cold symptoms are gone. PTL. I even could accompany N for his birthday breakfast before he leaves for work.

Looking forward to our little York afternoon tea tomorrow afternoon with Smiley and catching up with her. Yay

#themotherhoodcrown #oneweektillchristmas #winterinHK #decemberdays

-written on 20 Dec 2019

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