Baby diary – week 7

week 7 [9-15 Dec]week 7-14week 7-9Typing this on 13 Dec (Fri night): This week I feel like H is becoming such a big boy! He opens his eyes big big often (wai po thinks that’s the cutest thing ever) and he looks long. He is smiling more (not totally sure if it’s social smiles yet). He smiles the most after his bath every day and he has started to make cooing and gurgling sounds. So cute! (but I have yet to capture those on video). He is also blowing saliva bubbles nowadays. We try to keep his feeding time to 2 hour intervals and giving him the pacifier if he needs to suck for comfort (or else he would cry and get more and more agitated).

week 7-1I read about activities to do with two month olds and H has been able to do several activities quite well now:

-his favourite toy now is the soft ball with jingle bells inside. When I shake it for him, he would track the toy with his eyes and sometimes even try to hit the ball when it’s hanging next to him.

-we are still giving him the black and white high contrast books daily when he has some moments of calm and awakeness

-he still wants to be held all the time or else he wouldn’t sleep. He would rather cling to me in curved positions to sleep (once he’s full from breastfeeding) than sleep in the cot

week 7-17-we still don’t feel comfortable bringing him outside because he might cry and we also don’t have the proper winter clothes for him or suitable carrierweek 7-10-he has no problem staying home with pumped bottle milk without mommy but I did find him missing me and clinging to me more after I come home (he probably missed my smell)

-I find myself quite tense all the time for fear that H will wake up at the slightest clanging noise or just suddenly wakes up in a loud cry, as he does quite often. He needs to be carried all the time to be able to sleep, except for nighttime.

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