Baby diary – week 6

week 6 [2 Dec-8 Dec]

week 6-1week 6-5IMG_1585week 6-45I think we are in week 6 currently, or is it? I’ve stopped counting the days and weeks recently because we are just busy carrying H all the time as he’s gotten really clingy and would cry every time we put him down in the cot, even after he has fallen asleep in our arms, he would wake up with a cry within a minute or two of being laid down (except for night times, thank God!)

week 6-49week 6-51week 6-56week 6-107.jpgI still feel clumsy at carrying him because he often would squirm in my arms or start becoming agitated. Is it because I don’t carry him in a position that makes him feel comfortable or I am not meaty enough? Or it might be my lack of strength after taking care of him during night time feeds–jolting awake from my sleeping position to carry him and position into breastfeeding position (laid-back position usually nowadays), feed, burp, pick him up again if he seems to be having a hard time swallowing/might still have reflux bothering him, pat him/press on his chest if he stirs in his sleep.

week 6-89.jpgWe’ve been playing more (Christmas) music in the house lately so he wouldn’t always wake up in shock.

Recently, he might be finding a rhythm in his sleeping time? Going through the witching hours (5-9pm where he doesn’t fall asleep) and then able to sleep more soundly at 9pm? Not sure.week 6-105.jpgweek 6-97.jpgBut actually now that I’m looking at the photos, I see that it’s true that baby’s social smile begins at 6 weeks. There are quite a number of smiling photos of H!

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