An evening on My Khe Beach

My Khe beach-12It was the final night of our babymoon and I wanted to make the most out of our beach side hotel so we planned to have a relaxing stroll on the beach while waiting for sunset. My Khe beach-1My Khe beach-2My Khe beach-3My Khe beach-5The picture-perfect sunset did not come but we still enjoyed the soft blue hues of the evening sky, the feel of sand and waves in our feet, and people-watching. Seeing how happy families, couples, and tourists were playing in the sea, on the beach, and on the sky (parachute) made us realise that life can be this simple and happy.My Khe beach-6My Khe beach-7My Khe beach-8My Khe beach-9My Khe beach-13My Khe beach-14

My Khe beach-15
One of my favourite pregnancy photos

My Khe beach-16My Khe beach-17We talked about hopes and dreams for our baby C too of course. Even though the babymoon is supposed to be a chance to enjoy our “just two” of us moments, baby is already an inseparable part of us and we can’t help but think of him and love him.My Khe beach-18

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