Hoi An postcards – after the heat subsided

Continuing my Hoi An photos from my DSLR camera, here are the photos we were able to capture after taking a long rest inside an air-conditioned cafe that we were able to find after feeling lost and helpless in the street with no refuge. I didn’t even know the name of the cafe we rested in because it really was just an escape from heat and the tiredness of my feet/legs (I was feeling so pregnant then but now that I’m in my 32 weeks, I feel like I probably was lighter then! haha).

Hoi An-98Hoi An-99

Hoi An-101
Rice paper painting

Hoi An-103Hoi An-105Hoi An-104Hoi An-106Hoi An-107Hoi An-108Hoi An-109Hoi An-110Hoi An-112Hoi An-115

Hoi An-119
The famous, historical Japanese bridge
Hoi An-120
We finally saw the river after a whole day in Hoi An

Hoi An-124Hoi An-125What a joy it was to finally have the energy to explore the streets again without the burden of the heat. The walk reminded me a bit of Jonker walk in Melaka.Hoi An-126Pretty soon after crossing the Japanese bridge, we reached Mot, the little restaurant that we were looking for.Hoi An-127Hoi An-128Surprisingly, they seem to be famous for this herbal drink and people are queueing up for it in a long line. However, we didn’t have to queue since we were eating in. Win! The iced sweet herbal tea was so refreshing and was quite unique in taste. Hoi An-129Hoi An-130This was the star of the show: Cao Lau noodles as I’ve mentioned in my previous Hoi An post. It was crunchy, savoury, sweet, flavourful, refreshing, filling, and oh so yummy. We also tried the Com Ga (chicken rice) but wasn’t impressed by it. We ordered a second bowl of Cao Lau noodles. heehee. Hoi An-131After a satisfying dinner, we strolled the streets more and walked to the riverside.Hoi An-137Hoi An-138Hoi An-141I just couldn’t stop taking photos of my cutie explorer and the lanterns. Hoi An-140Hoi An-143The trishaws were everywhere by this time as it was nearing sunset and I guess the peak hour for trishaw traffic.Hoi An-144Hoi An-146Hoi An-151Hoi An-156Hoi An-157Hoi An-159Hoi An-161Hoi An-162Hoi An-163Hoi An-164Taking one last quick look of Hoi An because our driver was waiting already. Hoi An-165Goodbye, beautiful lantern town.


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