Hoi An postcards – morning walk

Hoi An-27Hoi An-29Hoi An-30Hoi An-32Hoi An-41

These are photos from the DSLR while the previous post was photos from the iphone.

Hoi An-38Hoi An-37Hoi An-18The sky was so blue, which meant we were quickly scorched and had to find shade. ><Hoi An-43Hoi An-20Hoi An-46Hoi An-19Hoi An-47Hoi An-21Hoi An-23Hoi An-22Hoi An-24Hoi An-53Hoi An-76Hoi An-75Taking a rest at the Tourist Information centre. A pregnant lady needs to rest her feet quite a lot.Hoi An-74Hoi An-73Hoi An is famous for tailoring and in this market there are stalls where they can get your preferred outfit tailored in a couple of days’ time. We overheard the shop tailors’ conversations with other customers.Hoi An-72Looking up the way to get to Banh Mi (lunch) from the marketHoi An-71Hoi An-70Hoi An-69Hoi An-67Passing by some historical sitesHoi An-66Hoi An-65Hoi An-64and more cafesHoi An-62Hoi An-61Hoi An-59Hoi An-56Hoi An-55After what seemed like walking forever because of the immense noon heat, we finally made it to Madame Kahn Banh Mi and sat down for our banh mi’s. Phew. That was quite a morning.Hoi An-77.jpg

Singing tips from Don Moen:

*put some air behind the words, don’t pinch it, open it up, sing it out, sing the vowel

drink water

the importance of vocal warm up!

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