Our little engagement @ Sg Botanic Gardens

Have I ever blogged about the proposal that happened almost two years ago? I haven’t.

Going through my phone photos lately, I still find the photos from that time we were in Singapore together one of my favourite episodes captured. The excitement, the youthful we’re-so-in-love, I think you’re gorgeous and everything around us is extra magical and fairtytale-like atmosphere that surrounded those pre-wedding trips have become my favourite memories to flip through. And the thing is, I haven’t blogged much about those memories because at that time we were still a bit hush hush about sharing the big news to the public all at once as we were not so sure about who we would include in the wedding guests list etc.


The feeling of being instantly engaged even though nothing physically immediately changed after the proposal. It was a special, romantic dinner and the joy was real. We really felt more in love during that moment and he looked extra attractive to me. We are in love and I am so grateful again today for being in love with a man so true, so steadfast and loving.

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