Week 23 day 0

23 wks day 0-3After church, we decided to take the Star Ferry route again. It’s hot today as it is officially summer but at least it’s not rainy!23 wks day 0-2Baby bump sure is getting bigger!23 wks day 0-123 wks day 0-4Matcha cheese taro balls drink ๐Ÿ™‚23 wks day 0-5Good Food series at church. Abundance, not scarcity. “My cup overflows”. Jesus invites us.23 wks day 0-6I really like these photos that I took of my husband today.23 wks day 0-7That’s all. We did a lot of walking today. My fingers, hands and feet have been feeling swollen and stiff these two days (dry and hot) so I took off my wedding band today just in case it gets stuck in there as the swell gets worse.

This morning we started our day with yum cha (just the two of us) at a local ้…’ๆจ“ because I wanted local breakfast and we couldn’t make it for the first service anyway. After church, we had one subway to share on the star ferry, the matcha drink at jrink, and one ็‡’่…ฉไป”๏ผŒๅ‰็‡’็€จ็ฒ‰ ไธ‹ๅˆ่Œถset, and finished off with our rainbow coloured-congee at home.



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