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IMG_7217.jpgrecipes: (tried and successful)

I was thinking about how we should start implementing healthy cooking and eating in our family life the other day now that we will be raising a kid but I felt a bit at lost because I didn’t know where to start. Then, this past Saturday morning I was just opening Youtube and came across Meghan’s videos and she got me started with ideas about how to incorporate more greens and natural ingredients in home cooking–basically the unprocessed produce that God has created. I washed the vegetables and fruits N had bought the evening before and put them into Tupperwares like mum always does. This weekend as we went shopping, I practised self-control to not buy processed food such as snacks, tempting as they are, and tried to think of what kinds of fruits and veges we can include in our grocery.

Old blogs that I find refreshing to browse through lately: with its summer images which inspires me to enjoy our dates in HK again (see next post)

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