19 May 2019, week 18, day 0 of baby Cheung

On Sunday morning, mom had the idea of doing a photoshoot for us so we wore our engagement outfits and headed out to Sheung Wan for church. After church, we went around to get some maternity growing-family portraits.

It was a special time discovering the beautiful and relaxed Sheung Wan area and we even ran into celebrities!

Here are the photos we took with the film camera.

The lush greenery

47730009The pink buildings47730010Mum and her playful personality47730011Husband 47730012I like this one of mum a lot47730013I like this one of me that Nick took a lot too47730014Special to me because I was increasingly growing in realisation and knowledge of what being a mum is like. My husband took this photo.47730015Attempted portrait47730016Favourite of mum (I did a good job, didn’t I?)47730017Pretty stores that reminded me of London4773001847730019Typical Sheung Wan 47730020Iconic Hong Kong47730021

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